Baths for potency: how to perform the procedure for a good result!

Problems in bed can manifest themselves in different ways, and the reasons are different. In some cases, baths for potency, which are better to take in special clinics and sanatoriums, will surely help. But some can be done even at home.

The mechanism of action on the erectile function

Water, saturated with certain components, enriches the body through the skin with the necessary substances. Depending on the composition of the bath, there is a certain effect.

Such procedures can be toning, relaxing, cleansing, nourishing – they are all useful for men. To select the required type, depending on the situation, a professional medical consultation is necessary.

Baths for improving erection give impact on the entire body as a whole and the problem “area” in particular. Depending on the components, the mechanism of action may be slightly different.

Common impact for everyone will be:

  • improvement of blood circulation and normalization of lymphatic movement;
  • increase of metabolic processes in tissues (metabolism is increased, toxins are eliminated);
  • general strengthening effect, stimulation of immunity;
  • saturation of the body with oxygen, minerals and other useful components;
  • prevention of vascular diseases (for men – varicocele);
  • tonic effect when using irritant components;
  • general relaxation.

Rules of application

There are a number of rules that are necessary to achieve the desired result:

  • Baths for potency: how to perform the procedure for a good result!course application – at least 10 procedures (according to the prescription of the doctor – every day or once in two days);
  • temperature of the water substance should be in the range of your body temperature;
  • it is necessary to dive into the water up to the heart region;
  • the preferred time for the procedures is evening, which is especially important for a relaxing bath (if sexual contact is supposed, it is recommended to use tonic and excitatory compounds in the complex);
  • after carrying out of relaxing procedures you need to drink herbal tea or decoction and lie down peacefully.

To get the maximum benefit from hydrotherapy, before using any of the composition you need to consult a doctor. Do not use the content of “third-hand” information, because every guy has his own characteristics.


For the treatment of male impotence, balneological resorts offer a wide choice of water procedures. Most often, such procedures are prescribed for guys suffering from prostatitis.

They have the following actions:

  • vasodilator;
  • anti-inflammatory;

Due to this, the brightness of uncomfortable sensations decreases, blood circulation in the small pelvis improves, inflammation is removed and immunity rises.

The course of therapy consists of 10-15 baths, the duration of which does not exceed 15 minutes. Repeated treatment can be performed no earlier than six months.

IMPORTANT: Radon baths for potency have strong opponents. There is strong evidence of the negative impact of this radioactive element on the state of male health. In particular, some experts note that potency may even worsen. Also, subsequently, complications with conception are possible (due to the fact that sperm becomes less quality).

In addition, radon therapy has a number of contraindications:

  • pathology of the hematopoiesis system;
  • persistent angina pectoris;
  • epilepsy in the anamnesis;
  • endocrine disorders (in particular hyperthyroidism);
  • inflammatory pathologies in acute form, regardless of location;
  • presence of neoplasms of any genesis.

The “benefit harm” factor may be evaluated just by a qualified specialist.