I have been taken Viagra for a while but right now I have gotten a severe headache, how can I be totally sure that sildenafil is not going to harm my health at all?
Actually, you have to make sure that you are healthy and you do not have any kind of heart issues at all. Try to talk to a professional doctor and therefore you will make sure that your erection is going to be firm with sildenafil and you will not have to experience any kind of health issues at all.
You have to be sure that you are not eating a lot with sildenafil and that you do not intake any kind of medication with Sildenafil and in order for it not to ruin your health at all. Remember that erection will happen when you are taking Sildenafil only when you are getting in a sex mood. Therefore do not think that your erection is going to pump from nowhere. Be sure that your doctor will help you to decide on the portion of Sildenafil and the necessary amount of it.

I am willing to get an erection but actually, impotency is ruining all my intentions to have sex, please tell is Sildenafil going to help me at all?
Well, to be blunt you have to consider the fact that Sildenafil may not work right away. Only those men who are not suffering from diabetes and other sorts of diseases such as heart conditions and even depression can take Sildenafil. Usually, severe depression and stress can lead to impotency one way or the other, but no matter how severe your depression is you will manage to see that it can be treated as soon as you will manage to put your mind to it. Sildenafil will help you to get your blood flow directly to your genitals and therefore you will see that having erection should not be that problematic at all.

I want to drink this evening and at the same time I am going to have sex, therefore I want to take Sildenafil, is it going to damage my health the moment as I will manage to do so?
Well, actually you are going to have severe side-effects when you will intake Sildenafil with alcohol or certain drugs. Please remember that Sildenafil should not be taken with alcoholic liquids. Please remember that alcohol can not interfere with these drugs that are usually used for treating erectile dysfunctions and other similar health problems in your life. Try to make a cure that you are not eating a lot with Sildenafil. When you will eat so many greasy foods then you will see that your body is trying to digest your food and only after that erection is going to happen. You have to face the fact that certain delay in erection is going to occur. Try to be very patient in case you have already eaten a lot. We want to highlight the fact that erection will happen only when you are following certain precautions.

I want to make sure that my heart is not going to be damaged when I will take Sildenafil, can you assure me that erection will happen without any kind of severe problems with my health in the future?
Yes, you can be sure that your erection will be great and your health is not going to be ruined but only when you do not have any heart conditions and other severe diseases. In case you have certain kind of inner bleedings then you better stay away from taking this drug. You have to put your health in the first place, your erection does not worth so many side-effects that you will have in case you are already ill. Men can not take Sildenafil when they have flu or angina; you better make sure that your all illness is cured. Try to tell your doctor in case some kinds of pains are bothering you for quite some time.